Welcome to my makeup portfolio!

As an artist, I approach makeup as a creative medium to express your unique personality and style. From avant-garde to classic beauty, I will bring out the best in you.

Explore Tailored Makeup Services

Discover personalized beauty services for your unique style. Contact me for feedback or questions about our services. Let's create your perfect look!


Perfect for day-to-day beauty enhancement. This service includes a natural, radiant makeup look tailored to your skin tone and personal style, designed to last all day.


  • Custom color palette selection.
  • Natural-looking, comfortable makeup application.
  • Long-lasting look to stay flawless all day.

6000 DZD


For when you desire a touch of sophistication. We create an intricate, elegant makeup look using advanced application techniques and a color palette tailored to your event and outfit.


  • Detailed, sophisticated makeup application.
  • Advanced techniques for an elevated look.
  • Custom color palette to match your event and outfit.

8000 DZD


Be the belle of the ball with our Event service. Offering coordinated makeup and hairstyle, we ensure you're picture-perfect for any event.


  • Coordinated hair and makeup to match your outfit.
  • Comprehensive skin prep for a flawless makeup application.
  • Use of high-quality, long-wearing products.

10000 DZD


Be the radiant bride you've always dreamt of being. We offer a personalized makeup and hair service that aligns with your preferences and wedding theme.


  • Personal consultation and optional trial session.
  • Personalized bridal makeup and hair service.
  • Use of premium products for a radiant and long-lasting look.

20000 DZD


Experience beauty pampering like never before. We offer an all-day makeup and hair service for the entire wedding, including the bride's entourage.


  • Dedicated makeup and hair services for the entire wedding day.
  • Regular touch-ups and style changes.
  • Extended services to the bride's entourage.

40000 DZD


Your go-to service for shoots, advertisements, or large-scale events. We provide on-site, long-term makeup services that cater to multiple individuals and days as required.


  • Full-day on-site service for the duration of your project.
  • Quick makeup changes and touch-ups as required.
  • Catering to a large number of individuals over multiple days.